Free UK shipping on orders over £25           Over 1.2 million disposable razors have not needed to be produced thanks to this razor

Elegant, sexy, simple.

Quality, close shaves

Replacements from 36p

No plastic in sight

Vegan friendly

Unisex design

The last razor you will ever need to buy

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We use a solid brass core unlike cheaper brands which use pewter. Pewter shatters easily where as our razors are built to last

Why do so many people love our unique razor?

Better Shaves

Multiple blades tug and tear the hair, resulting in ingrown hairs, bumps and irritation. Single blades like the Naked Necessities razor make one clean cut on the surface

Naked Necessities Safety Razor Ocean Blu

The Naked

Necessities razor has

a special hourglass figure that provides fingertip control and increased grip

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100% plastic free


13.2 tonnes of plastic

saved so far!


Multiple blades

Single blade

  • The Naked Shave Kit £26.99

  • Double edge safety razor 

  • Dark Rosewood turned handle

  • Aloe Vera and Clay extract shaving soap

  • 5 replacement blades to get you started

  • The Naked Shave Kit £27.99

  • Double edge safety razor 

  • Layered wood carefully shaped

  • Aloe Vera and Clay extract shaving soap

  • 5 replacement blades to get you started

  • Replacement blades from 36p per blade

  • Parts

  • Aloe Vera and Clay extract shaving soap

  • Shaving brushes

Look what just fell off the tree..

the coconut tree 

Coco Bowls from


herb growing kits


- Rum, vanilla and coconut

- Citronella garden party

-Toasted coconut

Palm tree

Not for sale

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If you have not tried a traditional razor before, expect to be impressed. The quality of this razor speaks for itself. You do not need to apply pressure, just hold the handle in your finger tips, and let the weight of the razor head glide over your skin, giving you the closest shave and the smoothest skin. 

Aloe Vera and clay extract shaving soap

Packed full of skin nourishing, high-lather natural goodies. No Nasties

Clay extracts help to create a smooth, slippery close shave. Aloe vera feeds the skin and cools the skin. 


5 Stainless steel blades complete the kit, and future replacements are less than 36p per blade. 


Dark Wood

So what's in the shaving bar? 

"Our shaving  bar is packed full of essential oils and goodies for your skin.

We think it's pretty important that our products have not been tested on animals, and a vegan friendly, paraben, palm oil and SLS free. We're proud of that. Plus, it whips up a damn good lather, and delivers a whopping shaving experience." James- Founder

Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera

has long been

known for it's amazing properties. Here we use it in our shave bar for it's soothing and calming abilities.  

Orange Essential Oils

To create our exquisite smelling soap, orange and citrus essential oils are added to create the best smelling lather for your shave


Essential Oils

Lavender not only smells incredible, but is jam packed with soothing and relaxing health benefits.

Clay Mineral Extracts

Clay mineral extracts help to create a silky smooth shave foam and allows the razor to glide over your skin.

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Great all round product

Great quality designs/ build, nice solid razor which looks neat on the side and Completely plastic free

- Harris


Bought for my husband. He really likes it!

Easy to use!

- Gabriella

Better than disposable or electric! 

Great, nicely balanced and wooden handle gives comfortable hold


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-Coastal Water


Sea foam-