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We are always looking for the right people to stock our products.

Our core aim is to provide affordable and sustainable alternatives to everyday products. By delving deep into the supply chain, Naked Necessities eliminates plastic, and sources ethical and environmental products.

If you feel that your store matches our values, and you are interested in becoming a stockist then click the button below to get in touch.

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Why work with us?


Our products have been investigated to the route of production. This means we check out the ethics, environmental practices, and quality control of the products that we have made for us by our partners. 


Naked Necessities is a small company based in Devon. This means that you get personal level of customer service that larger wholesalers cannot provide. 


We work hard to ensure that environmental, social and economic factors are considered in all aspects of our business. Forming the three pillars of sustainability, we believe that these considerations should be the basis for any sustainable business. From the careful sourcing and manufacturing of our products, through to how we help others and the environment on the front line, we ensure that our impact through business is positive. 

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